About Us


Vestal Asphalt continues to be recognized as the industry leader in the research and development of asphalt emulsion products.

We have unparalleled expertise in a wide range of asphalt emulsion products, including Aggregate Chip Seal, Recycling, Cold Mix Paving, Dust Control, Tack Coat, Liquid Calcium, Hyper Patch, Slurry Seal and Fog Seal.

Our AASHTO approved and R-18 certified laboratory was the first private lab in New York state to hold emulsion testing accreditation.

Our History

Neil I. Guiles Excavating & Paving

As a high school senior, our founder Neil Guiles began his foray into the construction industry with the purchase of a fire-damaged John Deere Bulldozer for $900. Focusing on residential and commercial landscaping, driveways, and parking lots, Neil I. Guiles Excavating & Paving was formed.

A Focus on Pavement Preservation

With the Global Oil Crisis causing soaring asphalt prices, the company shifted its focus to providing local municipalities with cost-effective pavement preservation techniques using liquid asphalt emulsions.

Westward Expansion

As the company grew, it began exploring expansion to the west, developing new customers in Tompkins, Cayuga, and Chemung Counties.

Vestal Asphalt, Inc.

Neil I. Guiles Excavating & Paving was officially reorganized as Vestal Asphalt, Inc.

Expanded Reach

Vestal Asphalt extended it’s reach and brand with the opening of an emulsions terminal in Lansing, NY, under the banner of Cayuga Emulsions.

International Exposure

Vestal Asphalt developed international ties by completing a high-profile microsurfacing project in Ontario, Canada and by entering an agreement to license the rights to POLYMAC Microsurfacing technology and services to Japanese firm Obayashi Road Corporation.

Industry Leadership

Having become a recognized thought leader in the asphalt emulsion industry, Neil Guiles was elected to serve a two-year term as President of the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association (AEMA) in 1997. Made up of members from around the globe, AEMA is the leading association in the industry worldwide, bringing together the foremost individuals and companies to discuss cutting edge technologies, develop global specifications, and educate stakeholders with regard to asphalt emulsions.

In 2000, Neil Guiles was elected to serve as President of the International Slurry Seal Association (ISSA), which promotes and provides technical information on the use of Slurry Seal and Microsurfacing amongst it’s global membership.

AASHTO Accreditation

Vestal Asphalt’s Quality Control Lab became the first private lab in New York State to be awarded the prestigious R18 accreditation from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) which recognizes proficiency and quality management of highway material testing.


Today, Vestal Asphalt continues to provide customers with industry-leading products and services while holding on to the qualities that have made the company great: “The Best Mix of Good People, Quality Products, and Honest Service”.

We have unparalleled expertise