Dust Control

Dust Control

Vestal Asphalt produces and supplies a number of dust control suppressants. They include asphalt emulsions and calcium chloride. We use the most effective and efficient solutions for dust control and dirt road stabilization.

Asphalt Emulsion Dust Control

Asphalt emulsions used for dust control include CDP-40, DP-38, AEP, AEPM and other specialized derivatives of these products to work in special conditions such as night time application. Asphalt emulsions are designed and formulated to penetrate and bind the existing road surface or provide a tight hard skin of asphalt over the dirt surface.


They are applied using state of the art distributor trucks and are typically applied at .25 to .4 gallons per square yard of area. Some asphalt emulsion dust control products require a light sanding after application to eliminate tracking by traffic. Others require “set time” to cure to a hard non-tacky surface. All asphalt emulsion dust control products are designed to provide seasonal control but are not considered permanent solutions to dust control problems. For permanent solutions contact your area Technical Advisor for information on surface treatments and chip seals.

Liquid Calcium Chloride

Vestal Asphalt is an approved distributor of LIQUIDOW™ liquid calcium products supplied by OxyChem, the world’s largest producer of calcium chloride products. Click here for more information about OxyChem.

LIQUIDOW™ is a purified inorganic salt solution produced by removing water from a naturally occurring brine solution. Unlike other processes used to produce calcium chloride, the brine process does not involve reactions with toxic chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or ammonia. The National Organic Standards Board noted this distinction when it classified the brine process as “non-synthetic.”


Available in concentrations of 28-42%, LIQUIDOW helps control dust and maintenance costs by its ability to:

  • Attract moisture from its surroundings, keeping roads damp even under hot and dry conditions
  • Bind aggregate particles to make the surface hard and compact
  • Improve stability and minimize frost damage, when applied consistently every year, by penetrating the road base several inches.

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