Cold Mix Paving

Cold Mix Paving

Cold-mix is a mixture of asphalt emulsion and mineral aggregate blended together and used in paving courses primarily for rural and secondary roads.


Cold mix material is a versatile option for road maintenance. Cold Mix can be used for paving using a conventional paver, shimming or patching using a grader, or piled and stored to be used to pothole patching.

Vestal Asphalt’s HYPERPATCH™ is a high performance patch material made with a proprietary blend of top quality emulsion and aggregate


Cold Mix material is loaded into dump trucks, which feed a conventional paver. The paver lays the material through screed and creates crown and cross-slope as needed. A double steel-drum roller compacts the pavement and smooths the driving surface.

All cold mixes should be topped with a surface treatment of some type. A single course chip seal, slurry seal, or micro- surfacing are excellent top courses for cold mix. Late season work can be temporarily coated with a fog or sand seal for the winter and then sealed the following season with a permanent top course.

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