Full Depth Recycling


Full Depth Recycling

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a reclamation or recycling procedure in which the pavement and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials are uniformly removed, crushed, pulverized and blended to produce a stabilized base course.


Recycling the existing pavement material preserves natural resources and reduces costs. Additives such as asphalt emulsion or LIQUIDOW Calcium Chloride may be used for further stabilization and can reduce future maintenance costs by up to 50%.

Full-Depth Recycling (FDR) can be performed using the following methods:

Mechanical FDR: Virgin aggregate or recycled pavement is added to the road surface prior to reclamation to enhance the base. Also known as “add material”.

Chemical FDR: Additives such as LIQUIDOW Calcium Chloride are applied uniformly to the road surface prior to reclamation. Also referred to as “Calcium Grind”.

Bituminous FDR: An asphalt emulsion such as SS-1h or CSS-1h is injected through the machine during the reclamation process. Also referred to as “emulsion install”.

  • Creates a sound base to provide years of maintenance free service
  • Eliminated cracks and potholes while restoring crown and cross-slope
  • Quick, in place process with only minor traffic disruption
  • Eliminates need for disposal of road materials and reduces material hauling
  • Reclaimed roads last longer

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